What Some Can Expect During Separation and Divorce

By: Holly Gayle Gershon 

When separation or divorce proceedings don’t go well – and tempers flare-many of our clients have heard bullying and guilt-inducing comments from their spouses. If you hear one of the following comments or anything else that alarms you during your case, take a deep, cleansing breath – then contact your lawyer right away.

“Is money all you care about after all of our years together?”

“Do you want me to take a second job to pay all the support?”

“I’ll disappear wit the kids before I pay you a red cent.”

“Let’s save some money and let my lawyer handle both our sides in this divorce.”

“I’m going to tell the judge all about those bad things you’ve done. You’ll never get custody of my children.”

“Go ahead. Demand all the documents you want. You’re only racking up your lawyer’s fees.”

“My lawyer will litigate this divorce for five years.”

“If you don’t agree to my terms, I’ll go to Nevada or Mexico for my divorce.”

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