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In the last decade, there have been several high-profile deaths and injuries at professional sport venues. A fan fell over a low safety rail while trying to reach a ball thrown into the stands by a player; a 3-year-old fell to his death from a luxury suite; a spectator was injured when players got into a fight that ended up in the stands. Luckily, injuries are usually less tragic and dramatic. According to the Football Licensing Authority, spectators reported 1,386 injuries in a recent season.

Spectators at a sporting event are presumed to know that they are taking a risk of being hit by a bat, ball, puck, or other flying object. It’s part of being at a game, though owners do have a limited duty to provide protection at the most dangerous parts of a stadium or arena. However, if negligence is involved, it’s a different story. Even though a sports spectator assumes risks by attending an event, a facility is bound to reasonably maintain a premise free of known safety hazards and provide a secure environment.

The question of liability enters into a case when the owner knew of a condition that posed an unreasonable and unforeseeable risk. Did a low railing adequately provide protection from a fall? Did unrepaired damage to the screen that was supposed to protect spectators from flying debris contribute to a fan injury? Or was there uneven concrete that caused a broken wrist and twisted ankle?

If you or a family member is injured at a sporting event, be sure to file an accident report with the facility, take photos, and see a physician right away. If you think your injury was a result of negligence on the part of the stadium or arena, contact us to discuss your case.


Each year they pop up in all shapes and sizes. Potholes in parking lots and on roadways are mostly a minor annoyance, but they can be a real danger to those on scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Hitting a puddle, only to discover that it is an 8-inch hole, can cause severe injury. Where you hit a pothole can make a difference, too. It’s easier to hold a private entity responsible for negligence; it’s more difficult to hold a government entity responsible, though it’s possible.

If you have been injured in an auto, bicycle or pedestrian accident caused by a pothole, contact our office. You may be able to recover for personal injury and property damage.


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