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Attorney’s Save You Money

Most people think only about the bill, but there are a number of ways in which attorneys save you money. You read that right; an attorney can save you money. Representing yourself in a personal injury claim may seem like a great way to save money, especially if your case seems clear, but it’s not.…
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Attorney-Client Privilege

Q: What does attorney-client privilege mean? A: Without the client’s permission, an attorney may not disclose confidential information that a client has communicated to him or her. Q: Is every communication covered by privilege? A: No. Attorney-client privilege protects only that spoken or written information conveyed to an attorney hired by the client, which is…
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Are You Losing Important Legal Rights?

Are Americans losing important rights because of change our justice system? Our answer is yes. Trial lawyers wholeheartedly recommend and support every opportunity to make changes that are fair to everyone affected by the law. We support all improvements that will make justice more accessible and effective doe individuals and families who are harmed or…
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America’s Nursing Crisis

The nation has too few nurses. Hospitals are actively recruiting overseas and offering substantial employment bounces to those nurses who come to work for them. Because of this nursing-care shortage, many health-care professionals fear that the quality of care is suffering. According to USA Today, 32 percent of Americans fear for their safety in U.S.…
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