Slip and Fall

We’ve all tripped, stumbled, and fallen at some point. Luckily, in most cases we simply get up wit nothing more than an embarrassing story to tell. But slip-and-fall accidents can cause much more than bruised egos; they also cause broken bones, torn ligaments, herniated discs, and spinal cord injuries that can require a significant amount of treatment and therapy. More serious injuries often result in lost wages. With every slip-and-fall case comes the question of who was at fault. Was it the carelessness of the property owner, or the person who fell?

In order to prove fault in a slip-and-fall accident, a victim must show that:

  • The owner or employee caused the condition or hazard that resulted in the slip.
  • The owner or employee was aware of the condition and did nothing.
  • The owner or employee should have been aware of a hazard or condition through reasonable property management and repaired or removed it.

Premises Liability – Parking Lots
Businesses that invite customers to their premises have a legal duty to provide sensibly safe parking for those who enter their grounds.

Customers should never have to worry about dangerous conditions such as insufficient security, poor lighting, broken sidewalks, hazardous construction areas, or other safety breaches or conditions that can injure them.