Post Divorce Modifications

Sometimes circumstances change. What worked several years ago or even just a few months ago, may not be the right answer any longer. Circumstances that may require post divorce modifications would be:

  • Change in alimony due to new marriage
  • Reduction or increase of income
  • Change of expenses for children
  • One or more of the children turn 18 and child support needs updating
  • Change in timesharing agreement
  • One parent is moving long distance
  • Physical or mental illness with parent or child
  • Behavior conflict affecting agreement
  • Physical or mental abuse

Whatever your reason for considering a modification, Holly Gershon can assist you with your options and through the process.

  • Domestic Violence
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate

Family law addresses all matters related to interpersonal relationships and the law, which is inclusive of before, during and after marriage as well as children with or without marriage.

Not every marriage works out as originally planned. For many, emotions are extreme and it becomes very difficult for couples to agree on details and make logical decisions together. This is even further so when it comes to agreeing on decisions for the children.